.i am what i wear.
enjoy !

Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010


Sorry for being away for 2 weeks (almost) because the ta
sks from my beloved college were getting exploded day by day .. And here I come with random shots that I took before having a cocktail party and fashion show at Mulia Hotel , Senayan . It's all of sudden that i had to accompany my friend , Ale to go to that party. I didn't have any suitable dress for that party at my dorm ( i left all my gowns at home , yeah why should i bring those things ? ) So i started to look for someone who can lend me dress , and that person was Nadia, my friend . She gave me her white dress and i started to mix n match that dress and my choices was a white blazer . *special thanx to my beloved best friend-ever , Billy for being such a 'pro' hairstylist
Hair do by : Billy
Talent : Me and Ale

Specialization on eye liner by : Etude House . such a great one (Y)

Anyway thanx for stop by .. Have a lot to do now , better get started . see ya xD

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

it's black !

I spent my hectic-night last Monday lounging around in my room and doing my damn advert-relayout tasks wondering when it ends , then my superb pal came to my dorm and gave me a very late-but-so-special present for my 15th of August birthday . She gave me a sophie martin bag which i loveeee so much, i couldn't even imagine for buying that kind of bag, really unique so i start using it in the next-early-morning-class . check the photos out !

cool eh ? thanx anyway :)

Listening to Tic toc by Kesha as I type this, (just downloaded it from internet and im getting addicted to it :) ) see ya :D

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

so lovely

There are a few things I love about Etude House, cute colors, cute patterns and its so-lovely-store . Lately I've found myself shopping and spending my money on their products. I also discovered that Lee Min Ho, my most favourite Korean actor is being its model and geez i can't stand without buying anything in that so-lovely-store .

Then one day i found a very cute all-over spray , with a very catchy f
ragrant . Its name is Petit Bijou Peach Touch . I couldn't even push myself to ignore that cutie little perfume , so i decided to buy one , then my friend decided to buy another version , called so-lovely all over spray. It cost IDR 198.000 each in that store . here are the photos (i just took the 'so lovely' photos because it seems so high class and will be a very nice photo-well, i hope so :) )

Getting off the internet now , the tasks is coming and i have to kill 'em out . gotcha !

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

simply gothic

My first entry for this blog, hopefully this gonna be a very lucky number 1. Took a few days off and went to Bandung to visit one of my best friends and we all had tons of fun . On our last night there we decided to re-make our 2 best pals, Leony and Yohannie in their style of fashion . But we just sticked with leony's style instead of having a new one . Gothic . Simply gothic i mean . Let's just check them out !


Well, i know , the background's so cheesy but yeah just ignore it :D

I don't know if it's part of being a Leo, but I tend to make everything's perfect and extraordinary . I hope u'll enjoy it . cheers :D